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For a tourist who wants to experience rural life, Village homestays in Sikkim offer opportunities to know not only about Sikkimes culture but also to engage oneself in the day to day activates of a rural life. Home stay in Sikkim is in the form rooms let out by the families in their houses wherein tourist can come and stay, feed on local cuisine. Engage in household chores and also take part in the culture activates

At about 26 kms from Gangtok, Pastanga is a pristine eco tourist destination due to rich biodiversity and vibrant culture and tradition. Home stay facilities in the village are offered to the tourist with proper sanitation and toilet facilities. The visitor will be able to understand the local tradition, food habit, observe dance , ritual and other forms of culture expression . The homestay are manages on a rotational basis. Other activities include Village Life Exposure and natural walk: Culture and Nature Activates and Khedi Trekking “Malingo Trail”.

8 KMS from Pelling (West Sikkim) towards Yuksom – Khechopalri road, Darop is a sprawling panoramic locale nestled on the top of the hills set in the very heart of tranquility amidst verdant greenery. The village offers a blend of deep historical, cultural and religious value of Limboo culture amidst rich natural setting Homestay families are offered in Darap where one can experience a perfect village lifestyle with unmatched hospitality. Activities include , Mountain biking , rock climbing , guide trekking , jungle walk traditional culture dances ploughing the field , fun and traditional sports, exploring local fauno , bird watching , bee keeping , floriculture , herb plantation , a visit to a view tower and other village activates.

The homestay here is an experience of mixed culture of the three major communities of the state the Lepchas, Bhutias and the Nepalis. Other activities can include a visit to Dubadi monastery which is the oldest monastery of the State or a visit to Kecheoparli lake, Pemayangtse monastery, Trashing monastery or to the Kodo Shangphu hampering. The more adventurous can go for trekking to Dzongri renowned for world famous treks.

The Kewzing Village Homestay renders experience of daily or seasonal chores of a Bhutias family or for those pursuing special interests in birds, plants, flowers etc or even for those wanting to spend little day relaxation and feel what it is like to live a life of a Sikkimes villager. Kewzing Village homestays promises the warmth of Sikkimes hospitality. The accommodation is simple but neat and comfortable and wholesome local food is served from the family kitchen. Other activities would include village walk, hike to Doling and the Mnangbrue monasteries through the cardamom plantations or s overnights trek to Maenam hill for spectacular view of the mountains and sunrise. Sightseeing tour to the monasteries at Ralang, Samdruptse, Temi Tea – Garden and Rayong Sunrise points could be arranged.

Maniram Homestays offers a unique experience to its visitor exposing them to the rich culture and traditional lifestyle of the Tamang community. A very warm welcome in an elaborate traditional fashion is extended by the village community to reach one of their visitor and guest. The accommodation is simple yet comfortable with good bedding, home cooked food and clean toilet facilities. Each night the guest is entertained by showcasing a variety of cultural dances and folk song. Others activities include visit to Shankharey bhair, Stone bridge crossing . Urgen Sanga Chorling and Peri chilong monasteries, Rabi Khola and Bull cave and model Floroculture Center. The tourist can also participate in daily household chores of the family like farming or even hands on in the kitchen

Tingchim which literally mean a Bamboo Urn in Lepcha languages is a senic village in North Sikkim. Tingchim village homestays offer a visitor an excellent opportunity to experience a typical Bhutia culture. One can enjoy the lush cardamom and paddy fields and handpicked fruits like oranges, guava , banana sugarcane and organic vegetables during the stay . At present around 5 houses offer homestays. The Village Homestays are managed by trained operators with professional touch in the service rendered and providing equal opportunity to all while maintaining a good balance between nature and development. Apart from visit to the places around Tingchim and activities like trekking and birdswahtching, it also offer cultural performances by Dorjee Mukhud Degor Chokpa (A traditional Bhutia Culture Group of Tigchim) which has participated in various State level and National level competition as well . The minimum packages for homestays is offered for 2 nights 3 days

Homestays in Dzongu provide an insight to the tribal culture of the ethnic Lepcha community. They serve ethnic cuisine to the visitor. Other activities include thrilling walks over crossing cane and bamboo bridge that pass over churning rivers , birdswahtching , excursion or a trek to the remot tholng Gumpa where Koche – Lo , an important religious festival is held every three years , A half an hour walk from the monastery through a cane bridge takes one a hosting in the banks of Rungee river.

             Besides the other homestays in the State are Rong , South Sikkim , Jaobari , South Sikkim , Garibudang , East Sikkim , Heek Bermoik , West Sikkim , Chumbing , West Sikkim , Sirijunga Martam , west Sikkim. Sikkim Tourism development Corporation operates 5 Seater Helicopter rides/ tour from Gangtok . For reservation you may contact the office of Sikkim Tourism Development (STDC), Tourism & Civil Aviation Department Building, M.G marg, Gangtok