Cuisines and Dietary of Sikkim »»

Sikkim is the home of variety of dishes. Yeah! I am talking about the food that you have rarely tested in mainland of India like Delhi Bangalore etc. The flavor that added in Sikkim’s Cuisines is the mixture of Chinese’s, Nepali, Indian and traditional foods.

Momos or Dumpling »»
The dish that people of Sikkim is fond of . The food which is made by the heating of water vapor. This is called MOMOS.
In English it is known as DUMPLING. Yeah from the road side dhabas to the expensive hotels you can see the craze of momos every time. You can eat it as breakfast, Lunch, Snacks or a Dinner. That’s why MOMOS is being the mostly available food in Sikkim. 

artsexylightboxThukpa or Gyatuk »»
This is yet another dish that contain noodle with soup. It is originally a TIBETIAN dish which is of vegetable or non-vegetable type. People of Sikkim make this dish in their own style that makes unique in taste, so visitors loves to eat more and more. They add up different flavor from traditional to modern era. 

Seal-Roti »»» 
Sikkim has 70% Nepali community which makes seal roti a famous food. It is made during occasion or a dasai festival. It has a round spiral shape of 4-5 circle and made up of flour (grinding the rice in to flour). It is incomplete to eat without ALUDAM. So if you come Sikkim please have a taste of sael-roti once. 

Gundruk »»» 
Gundruk is an ancient homemade traditional food. It is made up of fermented vegetable products which are sun dried after fermentation and stored for consumption. These are later used for soups, curries and pickles 

Tama »»» 
Bamboo shoot is another commonly used ingredient in local food. This can vary from fresh bamboo shoot called Tama. Tama is often used with pork to make an irresistible curry to Menu, a traditional fermented bamboo shoot product used to make pickles.